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i love the owl house so much its the best show eveeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

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hi!!! welcome to pennylovespandas dot neocities dot org!! this is my personal corner of the internet where i can be silly and do whatever da fuck i wanna do!!! this place changes themes all the time so next time u come around, the site could look completely different :P
i'm doing a whole lot of work right now, so things might be a little messy.

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dsi luvr ♡♡♡ playing: final fantasy 3, nintendo presents style boutique, tomodachi collection, pokemon soul silver (at long last!!!) | my forever fav: legend of zelda spirit tracks

☆ recent updates („• ֊ •„)...sooo i have a full sized blog now, i guess my life has become more exciting since i started this website!!! aww!! that makes me pretty happy honestly. yay for me!! i only have one entry for now, about seeing paramore live. please anjoy!!!
AWESOME (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ SPARKLES~

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