welcome to my mini blog!! please enjoy!!! i update every so often :D

uhhm.... this page is pretty much just for random stuff I feel like talking about. There's not really any specific theme or anything, so... yeah (☆ω☆)

and now for the randomest page on the entire internet!!!

September 2022

Dokuro-Chan - 09/24/22

Today I watched this really weird anime called Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan. It's about this cute angel girl who has a magical bat that she hits people with.... but sometimes it turns them into MONKEYS???? o.O It's so weird. It's really bloody too, so you should probably not watch it if you don't like blood.

....okay, I actually don't like blood either. I'm really scared of it. But somehow this anime was pretty much fine even though it was so.... GRAPHIC.

- Dokuro-Chan, what are you doing? Don't you know smoking is bad for you?

October 2022

Why do we have to be so divided about Sonic??? - 10/07/22

I think it's really silly how everyone in the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom is just so fixated on arguing and debating over pointless things. You can like whichever Sonic games you want to like! I don't care if you think Sonic 2006 is the best game ever made because it made you happy to play and you thought it was fun and that's what matters. If you think the games aren't as good as you thought they were 15 years ago.... well... whatever man o.O You can be upset about that if you want, but I'm happy playing my Sonic 1 Game Gear version or Team Sonic Racing or whatever random game I can get ahold of. :P

- Sonic and Tails don't care if you hate their games or whatever. They just want to fly the funny plane.

Sonic Unleashed is HARD. - 10/17/22

My birthday was in September, and I got Sonic Unleashed for my Wii!!! I was really excited but I started playing and.... IT'S REALLY HARD..... It's only my first 3D Sonic game so I guess it makes sense, but a lot of the controls and mechanics are extremely frustrating. I'm not a big fan of the werehog levels, but that's just because I can spend hours and hours trying to do them. :P I'm not actually angry about this LOL, but ya know, I gotta say something!!! I like day stages (stages where you play as normal Sonic) a whole lot. I should probably try a different 3D Sonic game soon!!! If you know any I might like, tell me in my CBox!!! xoxoxo

December 2022

Not sure what to do.... - 12/05/22

Meh, I'm not really sure what to update my site with lately. :[ I haven't been very inspired... Hmmm... Maybe I'll think of something soon, maybe around Christmas!!! Something interesting has to happen then. :D I'm sleepy....

January 2023

The Big Site Revamp - 01/25/23

So I just revamped my entire site layout... o_O It was not an easy task. It took almost 3 whole hours to finish, and I'm super tired now, and I seriously need 2 go 2 bed. But the hyperfocus is so strong....!!!!

I'm pretty proud of how everything turned out. I did some good problem solving lulz... It took forever to figure out why my links weren't targetting the iframe. It was because of my music player plugin, which I sadly had to let go... Rest in spaghetti never forgetti to Penny's WikPlayer.

I also don't have my Penny's Pics, blinkies, or CBox anymore :[ They might come back someday, but I'd have to figure out a new home for them.

-Me, coding my site for 3 hours

February 2023

Lesbian woes - 02/11/23

I... Really... Want... A girlfriend. In real life and not online. Because I'm SICK OF ONLINE DATING!!!! It never ever goes rite 4 me n I am soooo exhausted with it. o.O I am starveeeeeddd of affection in a romantic sense.... :P Halp meh. I'm DYING.
Look, okey, I just wanna kiss some girls. Or some non-binary sapphics. IDC but I don't really wanna d8 cis people so yeah. You kno. Ummm.... Thats the blog post I guess, LUL idk whattt this is. :D

This is my safe space - 02/19/23

My site is my safe space. No one can judge me and no one can tell me what I'm doing is wrong because this place is just for me. No one can forget me, because this is all mine. Things move at my pace here. Not anyone else's. That makes me happy. I hope if you're reading this right now, you understand! I think if anyone were to understand me, it would be the other people with their own sites out there. I hope someone is reading this right now :D
I don't know, sorry for being so emotional, lololol. I shouldn't apologize, but yeah, ya kno. I have feelings :P We all dooooooo