TAKE ME HOME!!!!!!!!


Sometimes I watch movies. Keyword: sometimes. But if I really, really like a movie enough to talk about it... I have a page for that. :D

But I'm a Cheerleader

I watched this movie the other day and I LOVED IT!!! I'm not normally this crazy over movies and I'm definitely more of a TV person but this one was like... made for me. The plot itself is pretty serious but it still manages to be a really funny and sweet movie~
If you've never seen it, it's about a girl named Megan (played by Natasha Lyonne), and she's a pretty average girl who loves cheerleading, typical girly stuff, and supposedly her boyfriend... but her friends and family all suspect her of being a LESBIAN (gee, i wonder why... see picture 1), so her parents send her to a conversion therapy place called True Directions to make her "normal" (picture 2). This obviously doesn't work, but there she makes friends with her fellow gays and lesbians and eventually has a romance with one of the other girls there (picture 3! EEEEEEE!!!!!!)...

megan standing at her open locker, in which there are pictures of girls in bikinis the sign in front of the true directions building, with the logo of 2 silouhettes representing men and women inside a pink and blue arrow in the shape of a circle Megan and her love interest Graham, sitting next to each other. Graham has her hand on Megan's arm.

Sooooo... YEAH. No movie is perfect and this one isn't either, but it is very very very special to me!!!! It makes me extremely happy as a little lesbian myself and I see a lot of myself in Megan lolololol. The movie was made by Jamie Babbit who is a lesbian herself, which is so cool because like half the time lesbian characters don't feel like lesbians because they aren't written by lesbians.
IN CONCLUSION: this is such a good movie especially if you are a hopeless sapphic who goes absolutely insane over girls kissing... like me. And it has a very sweet happy ending so you won't feel like absolute shit when you're finished watching it!!!!!