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where am i?

pennylovespandas dot neocities dot org. my personal corner of the internet where i can be silly and do whatever da fuck i wanna do!!!
this place changes themes all the time so next time u come around, the site could look completely different :P

who are you?

my name's penny!!! i'm just a kid on the internet having fun... i've been making websites since i was younger but i thought it would be cool to finally have a website people can actually visit since all the old ones were just files stuck on my dad's comupter o_O but now u get to come be my friend and read my blog and whatnot!!! YAY!!!!!

what the fuck?

look man idk what to tell u this site is a whole mess it doesn't even look that good but i'm living my life and having fun so enjoy the ride LOL
anyways yeah!!!! explore my little sitey site, u can navigate with the top bar. :3 and check out the webring i'm in down below!!!