About me.... ♡♡♡

hi!!! the name's penny, im a they/he transneu lesbian, n i love... wait for it... pandas. but other than that, im obsesseddddd with video games, musicals, pink, cute fashion, and my frienddssss /(≧ x ≦)\
i hang out on the interwebs like all day except when i'm at school or rehearsals, which is like most of the time. i like to make my site look cool and pretty!!! i also draw and paint (badly), and i listen to music, and i play with my pet bird and my dog.
my fav games are: fire emblem, the legend of zelda, pokemon, ace attorney, splatoon, the sims, and mooooreeee.....

lookit my gaia online avatar!!!! i think they're pretty cute with their little doggy buddy~~ i love fun hangout forums~~ i'm active on gaia online, chicken smoothie, and sometimes i will hop around to other little places, but those are the two i love most!!! as for online games u can find me on runescape mostly ヽ(°〇°)ノ i basically only play world 301 unless its full or something
anyways, thats about all u gotta know about me. :D have fun navigating my little hellscape, and let's hope i don't scrap everything in a few weeks. because it's happened. :P